How To Load Heavy Items Into The Truck

The best thing about a truck is how much stuff it can carry.  And the bigger the truck, the bigger the load it can handle.  But, sometimes, a load can be too heavy to get up into a truck. In ideal circumstances, a heavy item can be loaded into a truck with the help of a few friends or neighbors.  With everyone pitching in to lift and load, the risk of physical injury is significantly reduced.  However, the attempt to load an object too heavy to move by yourself can result in physical damage to your internal organs, to the truck, or to the item itself. 

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When you need to get stuff loaded into a truck but do not have anyone around to help, fortunately, there are a variety of solutions that can get you packed and on your way in no time.

Trucks & Personal Vehicles

Some trucks and SUVs can be several feet off the ground.  The raised height can make it difficult for a person to load heavy objects into the bed or trunk of the vehicle.

If the item is small enough to be strapped to a dolly easily, then tie it down and lift the bottom of the dolly into the vehicle using the tailgate or the edge of the trunk as a leverage point.

Alternatively, you can purchase metal ramps that facilitate the loading and unloading of a truck.

& Service Vehicles

If you have a large delivery or semi-truck that you need to load and unload frequently, consider installing a liftgate.  These mechanisms automatically lift and bring downloads to and from the back of the truck for seamless transportation. There are many liftgate manufacturers, and Anthony liftgate troubleshooting is available from numerous auto repair services.