Where to Start with Hiring a Personal Assistant for Your New Booming Business

When business picks up to booming levels, you might find yourself needing help to keep up with calls and emails. Personal assistants are your right hand. They help you schedule appointments, make and take important calls, respond and send out important emails, and help manage your life in business. You are their job.

Where do you begin when looking to hire a personal assistant? This article covers the ins and outs of hiring someone to help you manage your newly booming business.

Pinpoint the Skills Your Personal Assistant Should Possess

Here are some suggestions about what skills a personal assistant should have.

·    Excellent verbal and written communication with the ability to type quickly and take notes when necessary.

·    Organizational skills with attention to detail.

·    Time management and the ability to organize schedules, arrange dates, and keep appointments.

·    Availability. This isn’t to say that your personal assistant should be available 24/7, but they should have a flexible schedule.

How Do You Assess Someone’s Ability to Be a Personal Assistant?

Assessing someone’s ability to be a personal assistant begins with an accurate resume that details their past job experience and past responsibilities. From there, you should plan for an interview, one that asks important questions that inquire about availability, strengths, weaknesses, and expectations.

When you find someone with the potential to be an excellent personal assistant, they will go through a background screening process. This checks their history in terms of federal offenses and jobs.

background screening

What Should You Expect to Pay for a Personal Assistant?

Pay for personal assistants can be hourly or salary, varying from $13 for part-time work to over $40 for a full-time position. How much you pay your personal assistant should be determined by their responsibilities and hours worked. Be a fair and reliable boss! 

When you need someone to help you manage a booming business, a personal assistant has got your back. Hopefully, this article helped motivate you to find the perfect secretary to suit your business needs.